Adrien Broner vs Adrian Granados Location – Ohio’s Boxing History

The Adrien Broner vs Adrian Granados location tonight will be in the State of Ohio. As we get ready for the first bell, we wanted to take a look back at the State’s proud boxing history and famed fighting sons.

The Ohio State Athletic Commission will be regulating tonight’s big fight on Showtime, and the State has a solid history of producing awesome fight talents.

Many might fight fans might not be aware that they came from Ohio.

Lets take a look.

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Roger Mayweather said one time that in his opinion the best fighters in America and indeed the world, come from the mid-West of the US.

Ohio has certainly chipped in over the years to this theory.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on just five of the State’s great fighting sons over the years.

Buster Douglas

The man from Columbus, Ohio known to this day for inflicting one of the biggest shocks in boxing history – when he famously knocked out an undefeated ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson in 1990 in Tokyo.

After this legendary 42-1 underdog win, Douglas lost the titles straight after by stoppage to Evander Holyfield.

But this night in Tokyo will never be forgotten, still the biggest upset in boxing history to this day:

Tony Tubbs

Another heavyweight champion of the world from Ohio who shared the ring with Tyson, although he came out with an ‘L’ to the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’.

Tony Tucker from Cincinnati became WBA heavyweight champion during his career and shared the ring with the likes of Tyson and Tim Witherspoon.

‘TNT’ retired with a professional record of 47-10-2NC (25KO).

Kelly Pavlik

Kelly ‘The Ghost’ Pavlik for anyone who followed his career will tell you, was one of the most exciting middleweight champions of his era.

The man from Yougstown, Ohio tore through 160lbs weight class like a knife through butter in his prime.

Knocking out anything or anyone that came in his way.

Ultimately, he was to meet his match in the great Bernard Hopkins however, who comprehensively took him apart – but one of Ohio’s great warriors nonetheless.

Shawn Porter

I’ve actually had the privilege to meet the next man on this list from Akron, Ohio in his new base and gym in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Hand on heart, there’s probably not a truer gentleman I’ve come across in my time covering boxing.

As a fighter, Shawn Porter is still an active one and as a former world champion who has fought top tier competition to date in his career – felt deserved inclusion here.

Adrien Broner

Last but not least, tonight’s main event attraction.

Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner from Cincinnati might have a claim to being the most talented fighter to ever come out of Ohio having amassed world titles in four different weight categories to date.

His skill, flashy style and ability to both box and punch when he’s on, can often be a joy to watch.

The Adrien Broner vs Adrian Granados location tonight might favor ‘The Problem’ being in his hometown.

But don’t right off Granados too easily.

Certainly expect him to come to fight. It could be a heck of a bout while it lasts.