Potential Rios vs Ortiz Fight Date Looking More Clear

Talks of a potential Rios vs Ortiz fight date have been in the pipelines for a while it seems. But now looks a little more clear as to when it will actually happen in 2017.

Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz are both at crossroads stages in their careers, having not been particularly active in recent years.

rios vs ortiz fight date.

Both men have been involved in big fights in their pro careers.

Ortiz most notably against Floyd Mayweather.

Rios perhaps most notably against Manny Pacquiao.

But both fighters are coming off defeats in their last outings in the ring as things stand.

Rios last competed in November 2015 and was stopped by Timothy Bradley.

Ortiz last fought in April 2016 – suffering a knockout loss at the hands of Andre Berto.

But in the grand scheme of things, all in all, the two guys are still relatively young men.

Despite seeming like they’ve been around forever in the sport.

Both are 30 years old, which could be considered in the physical prime of their lives by many, and might be looking at a fight between each other as a way to get back to the big time.

However according to boxing journalist Steve Kim, the Rios vs Ortiz fight date doesn’t look like it will make a big TV station on a Friday or Saturday night though.

Instead, Kim says he’s been told it looks like a Sunday afternoon match up oddly enough is what’s in play: