Tyson Fury Comeback Will Happen Says Trainer

A Tyson Fury comeback will become a reality his trainer and Uncle Peter Fury says.

Since Fury vacated his heavyweight titles in 2016 the division has had a real shake up.

A new WBO champion has emerged in New Zealand’s Joseph Parker for one, who is expected to take on Tyson’s cousin Hughie in April.

The titles and top tier of the division are all starting to fight one another in Tyson’s absence.


Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua will showdown in April in one of the biggest heavyweight fights in years.

Klitschko has not fought since been defeated comprehensively at the hands of Tyson Fury in late 2015.

That night was Fury’s last time in the ring as an active fighter.

But a Tyson Fury comeback is on the horizon according to his trainer and uncle Peter Fury.

Speaking to James Helder of IFL TV, Peter Fury said:

“He’s good. He’s in a good place. He’s talking all the right things and I think he’ll be back.”

He added:

“I think he will comeback and I think he will get most of the belts back. I just see it as a matter of time really. He’s had a bit of a blip in his life but I think he’s got to get his mind right himself. I think once he’s right he’ll comeback and do what he needs to do.”

Love him or hate him, it’s hard deny that Tyson Fury is not a character missed in the boxing world at the moment.

Particularly with all the activity going on in the heavyweight division at present, where a colorful character like Fury certainly brings more interest to the sport of boxing.

When and where a comeback will take place at this point in time remains unknown.

However, one would expect watching what’s going on with his old belts and the heavyweight division in general at the moment will start to get Tyson Fury’s interest in boxing going again.

For the full interview on a possible Tyson Fury comeback and more check it here via IFL TV YouTube (hat tip and credit):