Bobby Gunn Roy Jones Exclusive – Gunn: “Roy Will Know He’s In A Fight When He Fights Me.”

A Bobby Gunn Roy Jones boxing showdown takes place later this month in the US. Recently we had a chance to speak exclusively to one of the fight’s protagonists.

Speaking to renowned former world champion and bare knuckle boxing world champion Bobby Gunn is always a pleasure.

A man as respectful as you’ll likely ever talk to in the fight business.

In 2016 we spoke to him on a potential showdown with ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson in the ring, but fast forward to today in 2017 – and a fight with another legend of the ring is on the horizon.

Gunn (21-6-1-18KO) will take on Roy Jones Jr (64-9-46KO) February 17th at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

I asked Bobby how preparations are going ahead of his first professional boxing appearance since 2013, to which he replied:

“The truth is, on record in professional boxing it says I was inactive but I was never active because I’m always fighting bare-knuckle fights. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting with the gloves on our with the gloves off, it is still fighting.”

(Rolling Stone feature on Bobby Gunn – hat tip and credit: Rolling Stone YouTube)

He added:

“I’m always active. I’m always staying fit, I am a very versatile fighter. I can fight boxing or bare-knuckle. I have been fighting all my life.”

Touching on his own professional boxing career and what he thought of the man he faces later this month – Gunn noted:

“I’ve had a great professional boxing career. I have fought living legends and fighting Roy Jones Jr is truly a blessing and an honor. Roy is a great person. I don’t think he promotes a fight the right way but nevertheless, he’s a nice person and when he comes to fight me he’s coming to have a real fight, and that’s a fact.”

On how he feels the fight will go on the night, Bobby concluded with a clear message to his fans:

“I am a proper fighting Gypsy man. I come from a fighting breed of people and I will go in there and I will fight my heart out. Roy will know he’s in a fight when he fights me.”

The Bobby Gunn Roy Jones fight will be for the vacant World Boxing Foundation world cruiserweight title.