1164 Boxing Fans Vote On Who They Think Would Win Between Mayweather and Golovkin

A Mayweather and Golovkin fight is likely one we’ll never see, but one that has fascinated fans since it was first talked about in recent years.

Golovkin is a middleweight and for a fight to happen with Mayweather he has said he’d come down to 154lbs to meet him, although Mayweather in recent times when speaking to ESPN has said that a Conor McGregor boxing match is the one that makes sense for him in 2016 from a business standpoint.

But never say never in this crazy sport.

This week we polled our readers over a 1 hour Facebook live broadcast to see what they think, in terms of who would win a Mayweather and Golovkin fight.

The results were very, very close, with fans just giving the edge to Mayweather.

But not by much:

mayweather and golovkin

The results were 648 votes for Mayweather and 516 votes for Golovkin.

Golovkin has his hands full this year as things stand anyway, with a showdown against Danny Jacobs pencilled in for March and then hopefully, a fight with Canelo Alvarez in September.

But there is no denying that a Mayweather vs Golovkin 154lbs match up would generate massive interest, so never say never as they say.

Golovkin has always said he would ‘destroy’ Mayweather if they ever meet:

(Hat tip and credit: TMZ YouTube):