Tony Bellew Responds To Haye’s 4 Round Knockout Promise

It’s the new year and Tony Bellew and David Haye’s pay per view heavyweight showdown is already fast approaching on March 4th.

It’s one of those fights that although isn’t a world title fight, has that pay per view appeal due to the characters involved in it.

Two guys who know how to sell a fight. Two guys who like to knock people out.

Since the fight was first announced late last year we’ve seen crazy press conference antics including this punch thrown and constant verbal berating of one another and more, with the insults showing no sign of slowing down ahead of the fight.

Speaking on Sky Sports Tony Bellew had this to say in response to David Haye’s promise that the fight will not go past four rounds:

Most are picking Haye to win the fight, with the bookmakers odds suggesting the same if you look at the odds out there at the moment.

But Bellew who has been an underdog before will likely revel in this status, taking an element of pressure off him before the fight in a sense.

As no one is really expecting him to win outside of his loyal supporters and team.

In many ways it’s a no lose situation for Bellew, who will still hold onto his WBC cruiserweight world title regardless of the outcome of the fight – while also pocketing a substantial pay day for what will no doubt be a popular fight.