Chris Eubank Proposes Public Meeting Of Promoters To Settle Differences

Chris Eubank senior (aka English) has been at the centre of a lot of controversy in the boxing world in 2016. His tweets on his verified Twitter account have continued in a similar vein as the year draws to a close.

Eubank released this controversial interview over the Christmas holidays and has continued to stoke the fire with fans online – happy to oblige Twitter trolls, critics and fans alike with responses.

Perhaps this is something the extroverted Eubank senior doesn’t get enough credit for, his accessibility.

Love him or hate him, there is no denying the man knows how to drum up interest and responds to fans as frequently as anyone in boxing.

Since the highly contentious move to put his son on ITV pay per view in the new year against a relatively unknown opponent from Australia was announced, Eubank and his son have had to ship considerable fan backlash online from fans and promoters alike.

One fan came up with an idea that he would pay to say and I’d have to agree, it would probably be pay per view worthy:

@BarryHearn @ChrisEubank @EddieHearn @frankwarren_tv why don’t u guys get around a table and settle all the talk? That I will pay £20 for

— richard reynolds (@twenty9reynolds) December 28, 2016

To which Chris Eubank proposes:

Let’s do that. I will organise on a platform that reaches by far the more people, 60million on @ITV
Edward Barry Frank Mick!
Game on?

— Christopher Eubank (@ChrisEubank) December 28, 2016

The idea of a public get together of top promoters has been mooted by fans in the past before, but it’s never quite happened yet for one reason or another.

One would imagine such a public meeting of power brokers in boxing would create a lot to lose for those that came off looking bad in a public debate. Too much to risk as it were.

But what an idea it would be though.

In the age of social media that we now live in it’s the type of concept that could really generate a lot of views for the sport of boxing.

Like it or not, the promoters have always been and will always be characters in the soap opera that is professional boxing, where entertainment and sport go hand and hand.