Floyd Mayweather Starts $10000 Competition For Fans To Caption This Conor McGregor Tapping Out Video

Floyd Mayweather starts a viral social media rally among fans while working in some Conor McGregor jibes into the theme of the competition.

I can recall when Floyd Mayweather had ‘words’ or ‘beef’ with fighters and indeed other celebrities in the past.

Times where he took to social media to create memes, videos and other edits to call out those who he was verbally jousting him in the media.

A couple that spring to mind were rapper 50 cent and Manny Pacquiao in the run up to their fight in May of 2015.

Even though the man they call ‘Money’ has been officially retired since defeating Andre Berto in September 2015, I’ve long suspected we’d see him back in the ring in some sort of fight ever since.

UFC fight sensation Conor McGregor is the new focus of his attention and it appears that Mayweather, despite saying he wasn’t interested in fighting McGregor in a boxing match, is now interested again.

His latest social media lambasting of the well known Irishman is another marketing and buzz drumming up step in this process, in my opinion:

Floyd Mayweather starts social media competition with McGregor taunt

Ah, good ol Mayweather. His trash talking days are not quite behind him yet. It would seem.

The reality of a McGregor – Mayweather boxing match happening though would need a lot of things to happen business-wise before it could come to fruition.

There has also been talk during the week that Mayweather wants a fight with Amir Khan in the boxing ring.

Boxing, where hype can change fan perception on any given day. Lets take it all with a pinch of salt and see how this next hype move plays out.