Carl Frampton Speaks On What He Learned From First Santa Cruz Fight

Featherweight world champion Carl Frampton speaks on what he can learn from his first match with Mexican Leo Santa Cruz. He also touches on how he always does better the second time around with an opponent or sparring partner.

‘The Jackal’ is currently deep in preparations for his rematch with Leo Santa Cruz next January in Las Vegas.

This week the two have been doing international press conferences ahead of the fight.

Their first bout was a thrilling encounter, with boxing and fighting in equally entertaining amounts at different parts of the twelve rounds.

Twelve rounds that ultimately Frampton won.

It’s always interesting to see how a rematch plays out in terms of who learned what from the first fight. Who can adapt that learning best the second time around and implement it in their tactics.

On what he can learn from their first fight coming into the rematch Carl Frampton speaks on it this week at their first press conference:

“I feel like no matter who I fight or spar, I always get better the second time. I feel like I have a good boxing brain that can adapt and I can understand their style. I can use it to my advantage. The only person I fought twice as a professional was Kiko Martinez and I was much more comfortable in the second fight. If you have seen me in sparring, if I maybe have a dodgy first spar with a sparring partner I always improve the second time. I think it’s going to be the same in the fight. I know how Leo fights and he knows how I fight as well, but I can make adapt and I can make adaptions. It might take that. If I’m a bit more clever, if I don’t get dragged into a fight, I believe I can win the fight more convincingly.”

It’s hard to see this fight playing out any different from the first one in terms of entertainment. Their gel of styles seem made for one another.

A cracking world title fight to kick 2017 off.

Frampton has been in fine voice for the bout recently in this video. Lets hope his boxing is better than his singing come January!