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Nick Blackwell Head Injury Surfaces Again – Boxer Taken To Hospital

The Nick Blackwell head injury has sadly come back up again after it has been reported that the UK fighter went back to sparring early following his traumatic brain injury early this year.

Earlier this year UK middleweight Nick Blackwell stepped into a boxing ring with well known fighter Chris Eubank Jr that resulted in tragedy.

The fight was a savage affair to put it mildly, with multiple heavy blows landed on the brave Blackwell during the contest.

Shortly after the fight he was rushed to hospital with a bleed on the brain and later he was placed by doctors into an induced coma.

Nick Blackwell head Injury

Thankfully he came out of the coma and looked like he was on the road to a full recovery from his injury at the time. He had put boxing behind him at that time saying here that he was retiring from the sport.

However it has been reported by multiple mainstream media sources in the UK that Nick went back sparring this week, only about 7 months on from his initial brain injury this year.

As a consequence he fell ill and needed to be taken to hospital.

Thankfully however it is understood that Blackwell is in a stable condition in hospital.

He was issued his trainers licence in Britain only last month by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Everyone at Boxing News and Views wishes him a speedy recovery in this latest battle.

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