WATCH: On This Day In 1983 Larry Holmes Marvis Frazier TKO

This time 33 years ago this Larry Holmes Marvis Frazier TKO broke the heart of father to Marvis and legendary heavyweight fighter ‘Smoking’ Joe Frazier.

Larry Holmes is known to have possessed one of the best jabs in the history of boxing but make no mistake, there was plenty of power to boot behind that incredible jab – as 44 of his 69 wins in his pro career demonstrated.

Joe Frazier’s son was to find that fact out all too well on November 25th, 1983 when he took on Holmes at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Here’s how the Larry Holmes Marvis Frazier fight went down:

(Hat tip to Knockout TV YouTube)

A devastating performance from Larry Holmes in what was arguably one of his finest in his pro career.

There was the argument that the fight should have been perhaps stopped a little earlier than it was, with Holmes even waving to the referee at the end to step in and stop the fight.

Referee Mills Lane was a little late to stop the fight many thought.

Marvin Frazier went on to have only one other loss in a pro boxing ring in 1986 against another legendary heavyweight in his prime – Mike Tyson.

Holmes went on to have a legendary career after this fight, capturing different versions of the heavyweight title on multiple occasions and sharing the ring with greats like Mike Tyson, Ray Mercer and Evander Holyfield before eventually retiring in 2002.