Kovalev Robbed? Eubank Jr Compares Ward Kovalev Decision To Trump Clinton Election

Was Sergey Kovalev robbed? Many fans continue to debate online following last weekend’s controversial decision in Las Vegas between eventual victor Andre Ward and previous light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev.

Kovalev robbed? That phrasing might be a tad harsh in fairness, in what was a close fight in most people’s eyes.

However many feel (including myself) that Kovalev deserved to win the fight on the night. I had it by a narrow margin in the Krusher’s favor. But it could have went either way I felt.

Andre Ward gave his reasons here on why he didn’t believe the fight was a ‘robbery’.

Now middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr has weighed in among the latest of well known boxers around the world to give his take on the fight.

He has come up with an interesting, all be it controversial comparison on the fight and a certain election for the United States Presidency not long ago:

Did they really just give that fight to Andre Ward? Well if Trump can win the presidency then anything is possible these days #KovalevWard

— Chris Eubank Jr (@ChrisEubankJr) November 20, 2016

The fight’s decision has divided many people within the boxing world all weekend and no doubt will continue to do so until when, and if, the two fighters get it on for a second time.

Kovalev’s promoter Kathy Duva of Main Events after the fight was affirmative in her belief that team Kovalev will be utilizing the rematch clause for the fight.

This was built into the pre-bout contract and she has said the rematch will be an immediate one.

The likes of WBC light-heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson have already been calling Andre Ward out for a unification fight here, but it looks like that will have to wait with an immediate rematch the most likely scenario next up for both men.

For the official scorecards on the fight you can see all three judges’ exact round by round tallies here.