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Chris Algieri Offers Excellent Take On Ward – Kovalev Fight

New York welterweight Chris Algieri gave some good analysis on the fight afterwards I thought. One of the more level headed observations amid the Twitter fury and disagreement.

Healthy debate among fight fans is something that comes part and parcel with boxing due to it’s international and intense social media driven nature.

But healthy debate has and always will be a good thing among fight fans. Everyone is entitled to their opinion at the end of the day.

The controversy and fallout from the Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev light-heavyweight title fight has been plentiful surrounding the decision.

But the fight itself was a good one to watch, pitted two of the sport’s best against one another and yeah, it had some controversy attached to it in the end.

But are not those all the typical ingredients of a good night of big time boxing?

I thought Kovalev won the fight personally and had him by a round in a close bout, but I found this point Algieri made to be sport on and something not a whole lot of people mentioned afterwards:

Debate among fight fans continues to go on but all in all, this weekend’s fight was an entertaining encounter and one I for one would watch again.

Bring on the rematch.