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Carl Froch Says Gennady Golovkin Is A ‘Hype Job’

Former super-middleweight world champion Carl Froch says ‘GGG’ is a ‘Hype Job’ amid their ongoing war of words in the media.

The two are consistently going back and forth at one another this week and neither guy appears to be too fond of the other.

This has created mass speculation that both Froch and Golovkin could be getting ready for a showdown in the new year – one that many fans have expressed interest in seeing.

Even Andre Ward who is fighting this weekend in a mega fight against Sergey Kovalev has said he would like to see the Froch vs Golovkin fight.

Froch has added more fuel to the fire today by saying directly to Golovkin on Twitter:

Never stepped up! And call me a clown Come back when you’ve beat someone! You better hope I stay retired #HypeJob

— Carl Froch MBE (@Carl_Froch) November 17, 2016

Ah, good ol Froch. Never one to back down from a fight.

Surely if this continues his pride won’t let him continue to stand by and a comeback could be on the cards to get in the ring with Golovkin.

‘GGG’ has been frankly linked with every man and his dog in the boxing world in recent times, with many fighters calling him out – but few willing to sign a contract to step in there and fight him.

It’s safe to say that would not be the case with Carl Froch.

A big super-middleweight who would enjoy a size and possible strength advantage over a smaller Golovkin, although it’s debatable who would carry more knockout power (most probably Golovkin in my opinion).

Golovkin has never boxed at 168lbs and it would be interesting to see how his freakish power would carry up in weight, particularly against someone with the renowned durability and chin of a Carl Froch.

Golovkin has been known to spar with heavyweights in the past so stepping up a weight likely wouldn’t be a problem.

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