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GGG Coach Says Golovkin Batters Heavyweights in Sparring


Gennady Golovkin has always had a reputation for been a ferocious man in sparring, but his coach has revealed that he actually spars with heavyweights – despite his man only being a 160lbs fighter.

Many respectable professional fighters who have both shared the ring with Golovkin in a prizefight and in sparring have often spoken about the freakish power GGG possesses, the type of power that is hard to quantify or put into words to mere mortals like us.

But it must be some kind of extraordinary thing all together that even professional heavyweight fighters crumble under it in sparring, apparently.

Gym stories are often fabricated and to be taken with a pinch of salt in boxing, but GGG’s coach Abel Sanchez this week has been vocal in how his man dishes out regular beatings to professional heavyweight boxers in the gym.

GGG sparring here with a man nearer his own size

Furthermore, speaking on Sky Sports News in promotion of his charge’s latest outing against IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook next month, Sanchez spoke on comparing the power of heavyweights he has trained in the past in comparison to GGG’s power on the pads:

“I have worked with a lot of heavyweights who were big, big punchers, but with Gennady, it hurts when he hits you.”

It makes for grim listening for Brook if it is true, a man who has campaigned in his career at welterweight (147lbs) but at the same time, it does beg the question on why GGG has not yet moved up a weight if he’s able to compete with such larger foes in sparring?

Brook looks in phenomenal shape already ahead of the biggest fight of his life next month, but Golovkin’s coach has also mentioned this week that if the Englishman looks for a street fight with his man, then he doesn’t expect the bout to go past five rounds.

The more likely scenario is that Brook will look to employ more of a boxing-style game plan and use what should be a superior speed advantage, for as long as he can.

If he’s to have any chance at all in the fight, that is.

The utmost respect has to be afforded to Brook however for taking on such a steep challenge, in a time where many big fights have gone by the way side this year because of politics and promotional rivalries.

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