Tyson Fury On What Boxing Is All About

Former lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury on what boxing is at it’s core.

Fury is a man who despite his outgoing and extroverted personality at times in the media, behind the scenes is a very well schooled man on his boxing history.

He put out an interesting tweet this week which got me thinking:

Boxing is about brains not Braun, strategy beats strength, most heavyweights don’t understand this!
Look at Ali vs Forman, brains won it.

— TysonlukefuryakaGK (@Tyson_Fury) November 14, 2016

He makes a good analogy with the Muhammad Ali and George Foreman fight above – the famous ‘Rumble In The Jungle’.

Going into the fight many people around Ali and supporters of his were genuinely fearful for his physical health by stepping into the ring with a man who was perceived as one of the most dangerous on the planet back then in George Foreman.

A heavyweight who was ripping through the heavyweight division like a chainsaw. Obliterating everything in his path with brute power and force.

Ali showed on the night that by using a patient strategy of letting Foreman get tired by throwing everything he had at him, that eventually he would be able to get to him in the later rounds.

And get to his younger, stronger foe he did. By knocking him out.

But boxing is littered with tales of how brain beats brawn. You don’t have to go back that far.

The likes of Floyd Mayweather in modern boxing used ring craft, defence and intelligence to out think many physically stronger and bigger hitting foes.

Sometimes I feel there is a negative perception out there on boxing from those not familiar or educated on the sport that it is just a game for ‘knuckleheads’ or ‘brutes’.

It’s not called the sweet science for nothing.

From Tyson Fury’s perspective he will be back in the ring next year following outside the ring issues. His uncle and trainer Peter confirmed to Boxing News and Views.

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