Peter Fury on Con Sheehan: You Are Going To See Something Special In This Guy

Peter Fury on Con Sheehan: “You are going to see something special in this guy.” Those were the words of his coach when I spoke to him this past weekend.

Peter Fury is currently guiding the career of standout Irish heavyweight prospect Con Sheehan through the professional ranks.

Sheehan recently boxed in Belfast to go 4-0 a couple of weeks back.

As our interview started off, Peter spoke enthusiastically about the reception both he and the team received on the trip:

“I loved it to be honest. We got a fabulous reception. Con is an up and coming – rising heavyweight. There’s not many heavyweights in their fourth fight that go eight three minute rounds. He’s a good talent. He’s learning fast. So it’s good for Irish boxing.”

peter fury on
Heavyweight Con Sheehan

On whether he thought Con can ultimately become a world heavyweight champion Peter said:

“I think he can. He’s a talented young man. I think he’s got a lot of potential. I think he can go all the way and he has a bright future. Ireland needs to get behind him because he’s going to come through this kid. He’s a good fighter.”

Our dialogue then moved to how 27 year old Sheehan is finding the transition to the heavyweight professional game:

“Well this is it. He’s got to settle into it. He’s already adapting well to the pro style but he’s still got a lot to do, so we’re just taking him steady every fight. He’s improving all the time. I think by the time he’s had 8 or 9 fights you’re going to see something special in this guy.”

I spoke to Con earlier in 2016 when he was living in the USA at that time. On how he’s settling into his living arrangements in the UK, Peter told me:

“He’s living above the gym here in Bolton (UK) when he’s over here training. At the moment now he’s had three fights already this year so he’s taking it easy. He’s at home now (in Ireland) and going to enjoy the Christmas. He’ll be back here in January.”

On the whole with his last performance which resulted in a points win over Poland’s Kamil Sokolowski recently, Peter said:

“I was very pleased with him. He was a durable opponent. He come to fight back. It showed Con what he needed to work on. It’s always good for young heavyweights to get their hands in to see where he’s at, how he does the rounds, how he paces it. They are good learning fights so I am very pleased with it. There was no chance of him losing the fight but it’s how he wins it. All these fights are just there for learning. He got a good learning eight rounds so I was very pleased with it. Keep a watch out for Con because he’ll be doing big things next year.”

As our chat came towards the end I wanted to get Peter’s opinion on another fighting Irishman, all be it in a different sport. I asked him did he hear about the Conor McGregor fight result in New York this past weekend.

On McGregor he said:

“I did. I heard it was a terrific fight. Congrats to him. He’s a good fighter, a good talker – he’s the full package. It’s good for Ireland. He’s a good ambassador for the sport. It’s good for Ireland all round.”

As our conversation closed Peter had this message for the people of Ireland:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Ireland, especially Belfast for the fantastic welcome we got out there recently. So full respect to Ireland. I look forward to bigger and better things coming in the future.”

(Image source and credit: Con Sheehan Facebook)