Watch: Mayweather On McGregor – Never Compare Him To Me

Floyd Mayweather on McGregor: “Never Compare Him To Me”.

Those were the words of former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather when questioned by TMZ following McGregor’s historic UFC win at Madison Square Garden at UFC 205.

Both Mayweather and McGregor’s names have been linked throughout the year amid speculation that a possible showcase fight between the two could take place.

Many feel that all the talk between both men in the media about each other is just for publicity.

Some have even suggested that the PR move could even be a cynical agreement between the two men behind the scenes, in terms of just planning to mention each other in the media a lot to drum up press for one another.

Who knows.

Mayweather when speaking to TMZ YouTube today (hat tip and credit) was dismissive of the Irishman’s accomplishments and highlighted his own achievements in the boxing ring when the comparison was brought up – Mayweather on McGregor:

This will no doubt stoke more fire in the talk of a potential get together in the new year between the two.

Recently McGregor and Mayweather were linked together by this intriguing story from MMA insider Chael Sonnen.

Essentially Sonnen said that behind the scenes the fight is something McGregor wants.

Since his win over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, McGregor’s name has been everywhere in the media with many saying he is the most talked about athlete in the world of 2016 so far.

After his win at UFC 205 McGregor said he now wants equity or a percentage of ownership in the UFC if he is to continue fighting there.

No doubt if that didn’t go down too well with the powers that be in the UFC, that any potential exit from the UFC by McGregor could open up the doors for the Mayweather showdown that he desires.