Conor McGregor Personality Traits Explored – What He Really Thinks

The Conor McGregor personality traits are a unique set of human characteristics to say the least. Ever wonder what it’s like to go inside the mind of the ‘Notorious’ one? This short clip attempts to.

Trying to explain the Conor McGregor personality traits might seem like a difficult exercise at first glance. However when asked personal questions the Irishman seems more than happy to give a candid response.

Following his recent win over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in New York, the folks at CNN YouTube (hat tip and credit) have released this rather intriguing short video asking the Irish fight star some of these personal type questions:

A small insight into what makes him tick.

I’ve always been impressed by McGregor’s mental strength and almost super human belief in himself. Genuine belief that has been forged through a lot of blood and sweat.

Some people mention how they are not particularly fond of his brashness but when you really look into what makes him tick, you’ll see that this isn’t who he really is.

Who he really is, was perhaps best portrayed after his historic win over Alvarez in his post-fight interview at Madison Square Garden backstage:

When the circus is over, this is the real Conor McGregor.

— caposa (@GrabakaHitman) November 13, 2016

The guy above is quite different from the chap people might be familiar with before his fights, when he’s on the marketing push for his bouts.

He’s clearly a humble guy when the circus is over and gracious in victory as evidenced in the above video however.

From a fighting perspective, he appears to be going from strength to strength in his career all the time. He has quickly become the biggest name in combat sports since Floyd Mayweather’s retirement.

Talks have persisted all year that he and Mayweather in fact could have a boxing showdown in 2017. Time will tell on that one.