Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ Movement To Go On Huge Platform

The Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ! phrase and movement is to get by far it’s biggest exposure later this month when he appears on one of the world’s most watched and listened to podcasts.

The Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ! catchphrase will appear on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast next week in the US.

A show that gets well in access of over 30 million podcast downloads every month across the globe.

Shannon Briggs since coming back on the scene over the last year or so in boxing following a period of depression and significant weight gain, turned his life around by getting back in shape and back to winning ways in the ring.

At the age of 47 the Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ! catchphrase is something that has inspired positive vibes to not just many boxing fans or those in the industry of boxing which he operates in at the moment, but to many others outside the fight game it now appears.

This is evidenced by landing a spot on the gigantic Joe Rogan podcast:

From a boxing standpoint, Briggs is slated to next face Australian Lucas Browne for the WBA ‘regular’ heavyweight title at a date and venue to be confirmed.

More than likely for some time in the early new year.

Somehow, some way, Briggs to his credit has talked himself back into contention for a crack at a version of the heavyweight title and the ‘Lets Go Champ!’ catch phrase continues to gather steam.

Briggs recently broke over the 150,000 Instagram follower mark and is known as one of the best self-promoters in boxing at the moment – without the backing of a major promotional company or broadcast company.