Why 2017 Will Be The Year We Find Out Just How Good Anthony Joshua Is

Eric Molina on December 10th will likely mark the last of Anthony Joshua’s development fights in the pro ranks before he is matched with some of the heavyweight division’s best boxers in 2017. Will he be ready? We’re about to find out.

I’ve long respected the Anthony Joshua humility, work ethic and dedication to his craft.

In the grand scheme of things when you really look at his amateur boxing career, despite it ending in the best way possible as an Olympic Gold medallist, he didn’t have that much amateur boxing experience before turning over as a pro.

Certainly not as much as some anyway.

But he’s been very open about this from the start of his pro career and knew that there would be some early learning fights needed to build up his experience and allow for time for the development of his skillset.

But that time is quickly coming to an end.

He is IBF world champion now and following Tyson Fury’s vacating of his heavyweight titles in recent weeks, the division has been blown wide open.

Joshua vs Klitschko is likely for March or April 2017

Everyone is trying to work there way into a title shot or eliminator spot for a title and these hungry sharks all want a piece of Anthony Joshua due to the financial incentives such a fight with him brings.

There is no denying his star power. Even at this relatively early stage of his career. He packs out arenas, sells bucket loads of pay per views and already has some significant blue chip sponsors.

Everything seems to be going right for him at the moment but as we all know and as does he, it can all change with just one punch in heavyweight boxing.

That’s what makes it so exciting.

With talks of the Wladimir Klitschko fight for Joshua now looking like it will take place in March or April next year, we’ll really find out just how good he is then.

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