Does GGG Need To Become Multi-Weight Champion One Day To Go Down As An All Time Great?

GGG already is an all time great as far as middleweights go in my opinion. He has the highest knockout percentage in the division’s history, is fast approaching Bernard Hopkins’ title defences record and has reigned at 160lbs in a fashion as dominant as any. But to go down potentially as one of the very best fighters of all time one day, does he need to eventually need to move up a weight and capture a title outside of the middleweight division?

It’s a difficult question in some regards.

He is a natural middleweight and has done a fine job thus far campaigning there. He also for that matter, has a number of big fights left to look after first at middleweight before moving up might even becomes an option.

Namely he has (in my view) current middleweight number two Daniel ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs next up which is no small task and should he get past that challenge, the big fight with Canelo Alvarez is then hoped to be made.

Playing devils advocate for a minute and lets say GGG wins those next two fights and for the sake of argument, lets say he does it in style.

Every great fighter needs a challenge and perhaps he will ask himself at that point what is left to do in the middleweight division?

If you look at many of the great fighters throughout the rich history of boxing whether they be Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Ray Leonard, Henry Armstrong, or even more modern day names like Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, they’ve all at different times in their careers fought at and won world titles in different weight classes.

There’s no denying in my opinion that Golovkin has the ability to compete with many of the world’s current best super-middleweights (168lbs), whether it be the likes of Badou Jack or James DeGale.

A dream fight with Andre Ward at that particular weight class could be one to think about for one day too. If he ever drops back down from light-heavyweight.

But for now, what do you think – Does GGG need to eventually one day step up a weight and win a world title for his legacy and to go down as one of the very best boxers ever?

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