Freddie Roach Explains Why He Feels Mayweather Pacquiao Rematch Will Happen

Renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach has told the media following his charge Manny Pacquiao’s latest win that he believes a part two with Floyd Mayweather will happen.

Straight after his fighter Manny Pacquiao’s points win against Jessie Vargas attention turned to a potential Mayweather Pacquiao rematch after the former pound for pound number one was seen ringside at the fight.

Speaking to ES News and other members of the media after the matchup, trainer Freddie Roach said of Mayweather’s attendance at ringside:

“Well why did he (Mayweather) come to my gym twice too? Was he looking for Manny Pacquiao or not? I think it’s going to happen. There’s a lot on the table and I think they can do it. I know Manny can fight a better fight and I was a little disappointed the first time and I would love to have it one more time.”

Touching on what they would do different this time around and also if the first fight between the two hurt the sport of boxing, Roach added:

“I will say the fight was a little bit disappointing, yes. Their styles didn’t merge as well as they would have done ten years ago, or eight years ago. But I do think Manny can fight a much better fight, a much more aggressive fight and a much more offensive fight, and I think that’s what he has to do to win that fight because the other guy (Mayweather) is a very good boxer and I think Floyd just sits back and outboxes him if Manny lets him. But I think with the way he is punching tonight it will be a different story. I think it will be a much more exciting fight and again I really wan’t that fight. We didn’t fight the best fight that night and we can do a lot better I know.”

For the full interview check it our here on ES News YouTube (courtesy of Mr. Elie Seckbach):