Promoter Eddie Hearn: The Boxing Business Is A Diseased Business

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has given a unique insight into the boxing business and how the realities of it can be a lot different to what they appear on the outside.

The boxing business for anyone in any way connected with it at all will tell you is a difficult one for a multitude of reasons.

But few are more more qualified to touch on the current business side of the professional sport than promoters themselves currently putting on fight cards.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV on how a meeting with Ireland’s Katie Taylor got some enthusiasm back for him on the sport and reminded him of the pureness of boxing, promoter Eddie Hearn delved deep into the boxing business side of things:

“I felt invigorated after I had a meeting with Katie Taylor. Boxing is, the business is a diseased business really. The sport is so pure and when you deal with people like that (Katie Taylor) it sort of makes you remember why you got involved in the sport and what you love about boxing. Rather than just become a bitter old promoter. Which I always tell you. I have not done that yet but sometimes I’ll do something or I’ll think something and I’ll think don’t think like that, because that’s how the others think. So it grabs you eventually. It’s like a disease running through your body that makes you bitter and twisted. That’s the boxing business. And unhappy.”

He also touched on his father Barry Hearn who started Matchroom Sport years ago and got them into the boxing business in the first place. Hearn detailed the nastiness of the boxing business at times:

“My old man got out. He smashed boxing then it started becoming a pain – horrible, sleepless nights, up all night on the phone, people trying to f*** you. And that was without social media. My old man wouldn’t have lasted half the time if there was social media. The aim is to be involved in the sport as long as you can without it ruining your life. There has been times in the last few weeks where I’m thinking, this is not for me mate. This is ruining time with my family. I’m stressed out. I wan’t to knock everyone out. I don’t wan’t to deal with f*****g him and him. I mean this is just b******t. Why can’t we just make fights?”

For the full, extended (hour long) and truly excellent interview by Kugan Cassius of IFL TV (hat tip and credit) check it out on YouTube here: