Shannon Briggs Halloween Present For Lucas Browne

He’s brought out some rather entertaining, bizarre and most definitely unique videos and social media content this year. But this latest Shannon Briggs Halloween video could take the cake so far.

Briggs announced on social media earlier this week that the WBA (World Boxing Association) are set to order a fight between him and Australian Lucas Browne for a version of their heavyweight title.

As of yet no official confirmation or announcement has come from the WBA to confirm this however.

Now Briggs has started what looks like the beginning of his call outs and trash talk aimed in the general direction of his new point of focus. Now that the David Haye fight doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon.

No doubt Lucas Browne will have a few more of these coming his way from Briggs’ over the coming weeks and months:

Hey boys & girls #iTsTheChamp & his pal @lucasbigdaddybrowne #LETSGOCHAMP We in the kitchen making smoovies with #applejuice #kale #beets #blueberries #mango #strawberries #maca #moringa and #chiaseeds with #steeloats #walnuts #organichoney and #organicblueberries #LETSGOCHAMPACTIVATED beat by #midbeats #LETSGOCHAMP

A video posted by Shannon Briggs (@cannon_briggs) on Oct 31, 2016 at 7:33am PDT

The ‘Lets Go Champ’ movement continues to roll on with Briggs social media account on Instagram breaking the 150,000 fans mark this week.

On a serious boxing note however, it will be interesting to see what is to happen to the WBA ‘Super’ title this week following previous champion Tyson Fury’s vacating of the belt recently.

Surely we should know by this week what will happen the ‘Regular’ and ‘Super’ title. Surely.