Premier Boxing Champions 2017 TV Lineup Unveiled and It’s Stacked

Remember all the talk of PBC going out of business not long ago and that it would be dead by the end of 2016? Wrong. The Premier Boxing Champions 2017 early calendar is coming back with a bang and they look to have secured a serious amount of TV coverage for boxing next year.

We spoke to a spokesman for PBC a few weeks ago and had a feeling this news might happen today.

All went quiet on the Western front in recent weeks regarding what would happen the upcoming PBC schedule.

Some were writing off the venture as a lost cause, not able to sustain it’s heavy early spending to time buy TV slots to put boxing back on network television.

However in recent times slowly but surely the schedule for the end of the year and early start of next year became more apparent.

However today the organization themselves have gone into more detail on where these fights will be taking place in terms of broadcast partners.

It appears the money has not totally dried up as some were suggesting, with the following press release put out by Premier Boxing Champions today on their website:

premier boxing champions 2017

While the early match ups announced above are definitely solid (overall), the news is even more positive for boxing in that there will be a lot of TV coverage of the sport again next year.

The more boxing shown the better in my opinion.

A lot of TV companies are listed in the above press release from PBC today which suggests that boxing will be shown perhaps more than ever next year on US television.

With Frampton vs Santa Cruz and Garcia vs Thurman already announced, provided the matchmaking continues in this vein and is solid throughout 2017, we could potentially be looking at a very big year for the sport.

(Photo source and credit: PBC / Paul Palmer)