Watch: HBO Kovalev vs Ward ‘My Fight’ Segment (First Look)

This HBO Kovalev vs Ward short taster video sets the scene nicely ahead of what promises to be an enthralling battle next month in Vegas.

It’s not often you get to see two of the world’s best fighters compete against one another in a reasonably quick fashion without years of negotiation, social media posturing and stalling.

But we are not far away from experiencing one of those occasions next month on November 19th – when two of today’s best professional boxing protagonists throw down.

In some regards it’s the classical puncher vs boxer from a style point of view. Kovalev being the puncher and Ward the boxer.

But to purely label the fight in this manner wouldn’t be fair to the exemplary boxing skills Sergey Kovalev has demonstrated in the past.

Likewise some of the underestimated power Ward has also shown in years gone by.

But not many fully know the back stories to both these fighter who despite growing up in very different geographical locations in the world, share some common hardships that moulded them into the warriors they are today.

This HBO Kovalev vs Ward short feature goes into a couple of both fighter’s childhoods ahead of what should be some further interesting HBO build-up over the coming weeks:

The story of Ward’s father passing away is not something he has spoken on much up to this point in his career and this tough up bringing looks set to be told even more in the coming weeks before the Kovalev fight.

Both men are deep in training as things stand. We spoke to Kovalev’s promoter here a couple of weeks ago who said she had never seen her charge so determined and focused for a fight.

The last time being when he was getting ready to face Bernard Hopkins. If that Sergey Kovalev turns up next month we could be in for a modern classic.