David Haye Promises Big Announcement – Shannon Briggs Says It’ll Be A Gender Change

Former WBA champion David Haye promises a big announcement today as Shannon Briggs lets him have it on Twitter.

Haye has previously noted that December 10th will be the date for his next outing in the ring after recording two victories this year inside the distance at the O2 Arena.

Today apparently is the day…

I’ve got a big announcement to come tomorrow. Be sure to stay tuned…

— David Haye (@mrdavidhaye) October 18, 2016

Throughout the year it had been thought that Haye’s next opponent would be Shannon Briggs after Haye promised him a fight earlier in the year and also put him on one of his undercards.

Haye subsequently then said recently that what is stopping the fight from happening just yet, is that Briggs wants the fight on pay per view whereas Haye believes this is unrealistic.

Briggs denied this was the case not long after on his Instagram account saying:

@mrdavidhaye lying to his fans telling them that I turned down an offer to fight him on #DaveTV Shame on you #DavidFeathers now your a coward and a liar. It was never offered at any point. You and your team have vanished for weeks without a word. I would have love to fight you on Dave for the fans. They deserve it. That’s a huge audience and would give the great people of Great Britain and opportunity to see me break you down. You in fact have turned me down and the offer to fight me on PPV & for the Championship but you cornered now. When I see you start running. Promise no threat. #LETSGOCHAMP #LETSGOCHAMP #LETSGOCHAMP

A video posted by Shannon Briggs (@cannon_briggs) on Oct 14, 2016 at 10:00am PDT

Briggs’ social media trolling of Haye all year has been relentless and it isn’t about to stop now it appears. Here’s what he had to say today about Haye’s expected announcement:

Spoiler alert ? @mrdavidhaye announces gender change! Wants to become first male & female heavyweight champion. #LETSGOCHAMP good luck mate!

— Shannon Briggs (@TheCannonBriggs) October 19, 2016

It will be interesting to see who Haye’s next opponent will be after he said recently that it will be a choice the public will be happy with.

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