David Haye on Shannon Briggs Fight Not Happening At The Moment

David Haye has spoken about why he will not be fighting Shannon Briggs next up.

Haye recently confirmed that he will make his return to the ring on December 10th.

It had previously been thought that the fight would be against American Shannon Briggs. Particularly after the 44 year old drummed up so much social media attention for the fight this year.

But David Haye on Shannon Briggs when speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV has now said why it won’t be Briggs next up:

“Because the fight can’t happen on pay per view. Shannon Briggs for all his screaming and shouting which I actually like, I like him screaming and shouting because it hypes the fight. I like people thinking I’m running from him and ducking him because when I do get in the ring with him, which I really think I will do. I think it will make it a bigger fight. But at the moment the fight can’t happen because he will only fight me if the fight is on pay per view. I would fight him on (TV channel) Dave but he doesn’t want to do that.”

He continued:

“I understand that, I understand why. He’s 44 years of age. There’s a strong possibility that he’s going to get smashed to bits and he’ll probably never fight again. So does he want to fight me for a couple of hundred thousand dollars on Dave or does he want to fight me obviously for millions on a pay per view platform for millions? Currently there is no pay per view platform that would screen me and Shannon Briggs in a 10 round non-title bout. I told him that but he seemed adamant that they would.”

Disappointing news for the Briggs and “Lets go champ” fans out there. A popular phrase promoted far and wide from Briggs this year.

For the full interview on IFL TV check it out here:

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