Promoter Eddie Hearn Says David Haye tweet mentioning that the Joshua vs Klitschko fight is done is not true but he remains hopeful.

David Haye caused the boxing internet world to go into meltdown today when he said that the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko heavyweight title fight was done.

One fan reached out to Joshua’s promoter – Eddie Hearn to see if it was true:

@EddieHearn Is this true Eddie?

— Jason (@JaseTheAce28) October 11, 2016

To which Hearn replied:

@JaseTheAce28 @mrdavidhaye no but hopeful!

— Eddie Hearn (@EddieHearn) October 11, 2016

Boxing fans have once again been toyed with it appears by early fight announcement spin, perhaps executed to drum up some publicity for David Haye.

I can’t see why he would announce the fight if he didn’t have inside knowledge of it been done though – he really hasn’t gained a whole lot of publicity this afternoon by doing so.

One thing is for sure by today’s Haye announcement though, is that further pressure has now been put on the promoters to make this Joshua vs Klitschko fight happen.

Pressure is always a good thing in this regard, fans often underestimate the power they have to get fights made through the power of their voice in calling for them and banging the drum.

People want to see this fight. That much is clear.

If it doesn’t happen you can be assured that a lot of boxing fans will feel let down by this protracted negotiation period.

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