Mayweather on Golovkin: Straight Up and Down No Special Effects

Floyd Mayweather had some well, less than complimentary words for middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin’s boxing ability this past weekend in an open media scrum that got the world of boxing talking.

This weekend Mayweather has taken shots at UFC president Dana White for living better than most of his fighters, has tabbed Canelo Alvarez to stop Golovkin when they eventually fight and also told fighters to stop complaining about money to him and Al Haymon.

Yes, it’s been an eventful weekend for the man they call ‘Money’.

A fight between Mayweather and Golovkin has been brought up many times in the past as a fantasy fight by some fans that they’d like to see if Mayweather were to come back and try to go for that elusive 50-0 record.

But in reality, it’s probably not one we’re going to see as it represents a considerable jump up in weight to middleweight, unless Golovkin would somehow come down to the 154lbs limit.

There’s no denying how huge a fight it would be however.

The former pound for pound king who now promotes his fighters under his Mayweather Promotions banner is not particularly impressed with the ‘GGG’ skill set it seems, whenever his name is brought up to him.

Mayweather on Golovkin when speaking to Fight Hype this past weekend:

“It’s so crazy they want all the small guys to go up (in weight) and face triple G. He’s a guy that’s straight up and down, no special effects. Good punching power, but really no special effects.”

Ultimately, as Golovkin’s career continues to progress into what inevitably will be a future all time great middleweight in the making, calls will continue to come for him to test himself at a weight higher than 160lbs.

Many of the all time great fighters have moved up in weight down through the deep history books of boxing and it would only seem logical that at some point eventually, Golovkin will test himself at a higher weight class.

Lets hope some of the big fights in his current weight category can be made first though – notably against Canelo Alvarez next year.

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