Oscar De La Hoya Backs Tyson Fury To Beat Drug Problem

Renowned fighter turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya backs Tyson Fury to overcome recent substance issues that have seen him go through a difficult time personally.

Oscar De La Hoya pretty much did it all as a boxer. He won an Olympic gold medal for his country in the amateurs and became a six-weight division world champion as a professional.

He fought the who’s who of his time, travelled the world over and now as a promoter, has been involved in putting on some of the biggest fights in boxing over the last decade or so.

But that didn’t come without problems in his own life which have been well documented at this point, issues he has been very open about in recent years.

He struggled with alcohol and other substance issues himself for many years and something that not a whole people might know is during the training camp for his final fight in the ring against Manny Pacquiao – he was actually drinking alcohol regularly all throughout the training camp.

This is something Oscar admitted to journalist Mario Lopez in recent times and also spoke on how he then checked himself into rehab to overcome his demons and get his life back on track.

Speaking to TMZ this weekend, Oscar had these words of encouragement for heavyweight champion Tyson Fury who finds himself going through a tough patch in life at the moment:

Fury is understood to be in the process of starting treatment for his issues very soon as mentioned by his father John this week.

From a boxing perspective, it is not known just yet what will happen to the heavyweight titles that Tyson Fury currently holds, in terms of will they be stripped off him or not while he is in recovery.

The heavyweight landscape is wide open at the minute and lets hope Fury makes a full recovery as soon as possible so we can see him back apart of it.

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