Watch: Tyson Fury Father Speaks On His Son’s Mental State

Tyson Fury father addresses media for the first time since his son Tyson’s mental health issues and poorly state came to light.

Tyson Fury’s recent issues and mental health problems have now been well documented at this point, since he was initially pulled out of his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko a few weeks back by his team due to being medically unfit to box.

It emerged that Tyson has been so low and in such a bad way, that he hasn’t actually being in a boxing gym training for months.

He has also admitted some very sad things such as being suicidal and taking a lot of cocaine in recent times.

His uncle and trainer Peter was the first to let the world know about some of Tyson’s issues via IFL TV recently, but now his father John Fury has also let people know today what his son has been going through.

Speaking on Sky Sports News today both Peter and John had this to say:

It must be an incredibly difficult thing for a parent to watch a child go through such a difficult phase in their life, particularly one as talented and as gifted an athlete as Tyson Fury.

Tyson in recent days has put out some tweets on his Twitter account that really have to all be taken with a pinch of salt because as his father states above today, he is not in the correct mind state in terms of what he is saying.

It is abundantly clear that Tyson Fury is a sick man at the moment who needs help and thankfully now appears to be very soon getting it.

At 28 years of age there is no doubt that he’ll be back in a boxing ring ultimately I believe. When though might be a difficult question to calculate at this particular time.

Lets hope he gets the help he needs in the meantime so we can see him back in the boxing ring soon.

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