Tyson Fury I’m A Celebrity TV Show Stint Rumoured

A Tyson Fury I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here TV appearance has been widely reported as being in the works today – as the former heavyweight champion finds himself embroiled in controversy recently.

Usually when coming across this type of news, I dismiss it with a cynical eye but you know what, I wouldn’t actually be surprised by this.

Multiple large media outlets across the UK have mooted that Fury has been offered significant money to appear on the TV show that pits celebrities in a jungle type format.

Recent boxers who appeared on the show include the likes of David Haye and Nigel Benn, so there is precedence for boxers appearing on it before.

Tyson Fury is no fool either, make no mistake about that.

He is probably one of the most deep thinking and intelligent boxers behind the scenes away from the cameras out there.

People within the business will tell you that.

tyson fury i'm a celebrity

Despite going through a very difficult time at the moment with mental health issues and admissions of cocaine use, he is still an entertainer at the end of the day as well as being a professional fighter.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s thinking to himself while he is away getting treatment and getting better that a brief stint on a TV show as large as this will make him an even bigger pay per view attraction, when indeed he does return to the ring.

You have to remember too, Tyson Fury isn’t blessed with the marketing machine that is Sky Sports like Anthony Joshua is to hype up his fights.

Tyson has to self promote to a major extent, and he’s brilliant at it. He’s only 28 years old too which in the grand scheme of things as a heavyweight – is very young.

His star is still being built. When he does come back, expect him to get offered plenty of big fights.

(Image source and credit: Mirror UK)

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