Why Boxing Is So Hard Compared To Other Sports

The great high and ugly fall of boxing is often never spoken about, but is known and felt by all fighters and is why boxing is so hard in comparison to other sports.

The love of the fans and cheers from the crowd can lift the spirits of any fighter, but those can quickly turn into boos and criticism in a blink of an eye.

When you are on top you feel like the world has granted all your wishes, but when you fall you feel that loud impact of your body hitting the Earth not just physically, but right through your soul.

The great high is wonderful. You’re on top of the world, packing out arenas, with people cheering for, reaching out to touch you and asking for autographs.

The camera and lights forever bright and shining on you as you are lifted in the air by your team in victory.

Everyone talks about all your accomplishments and fans and journalists defend you, whether your right or wrong. It’s a feeling that makes you feel untouchable and you get invites to events of a five star nature.

boxing is so hard

But there’s a flip side to that coin.

The ugly fall of boxing is brutal and hurtful. It requires you to be mentally and physical tough, in every way humanly imaginable. It will literally drain you daily.

You wake up to non-stop phone calls when you’re a winner, but during the fall – you wake up to quiet and darkness.

People begin to talk about you in the past tense phrase and all your accomplishments are quickly forgotten, such is the brutality of the life of a fighter.

Then you might say the wrong thing and all of a sudden the call for your head is on full court press.

Boxing is a sport packed with unbelievable highs and the darkest of lows. It still amazes me how anyone can hate on a boxer, or forget exactly what these fighters go through on a daily basis.

I will always love this sport and I take both the good and the bad in equal doses, but the reality of the sport is something I think most are blinded too.

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