Tyson Fury Coach: You Don’t Win World Titles On Coke

Tyson Fury coach and uncle Peter Fury has defended his nephew amid recent allegations Fury had tested positive and used cocaine.

Tyson has made headlines again today after sensationally tweeting out that he has retired from the sport of boxing in a controversial and short statement online.

In recent days reports came out that Fury had tested positive for cocaine but his coach and trainer, someone who knows him better than most it is important to point out, had this to say:

A statement I can 100% make” you don’t win world titles on coke. Only dedication & determination #nothing else!!

— peter fury. (@peterfury) October 2, 2016

He has a point.

It’s hard to see how Tyson Fury could have achieved what he did last November against previously long reigning undisputed heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, had he been on cocaine.

There have been notable examples of boxers and indeed athletes in other sports down through the years who have had different substance issues at one time or another, whether during their career or after they retired and if indeed it proves to be the case that Fury does have some sort of substance problem, with whatever it might be, he should be afforded the privacy and support that anyone else would be to overcome his problems in my opinion.

Tyson Fury coach
From the highs of winning the heavyweight title to the lows of his current situation

After all, we’re all human at the end of the day.

For the critics that Fury has online, of which there are many, I’d ask them have they ever made mistakes in their lives or what their accomplishments in life are when compared to Fury’s at 28 years of age?

No one is perfect and mental health and substance issues are certainly not a laughing matter, for anyone who has experienced them whether first hand or had a family member or friend affected.

Everyone goes through tough times at some point in their life. Anyone that says they have not – are simply a liar. It’s what you learn from the mistakes and how you come back from the tough times that count.

I’d be surprised if we don’t see Fury back inside a boxing ring within 24 months at the most, which in the grand scheme of things at the age of 30, is still relatively young in heavyweight terms.

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