On This Day 10 Years Ago: Matthew Macklin vs Jamie Moore Full Fight

If you’re in search of a good battle in a boxing ring to watch online you’ve come to the right place. On this day back in 2006, this Matthew Macklin vs Jamie Moore war etched itself into the boxing history books.

The two fighters, now good friends and retired from their active professional fighting careers, contested the British super-welterweight title of the time.

It probably is fair to say that this coming together represented the collision of two men around the peak of their powers in their primes.

The clash of styles resulted in one of those truly memorable boxing nights for fortunate fans in attendance on the night in Manchester, UK:

The fight ultimately resulted in a 10th round stoppage win for Manchester’s Jamie Moore but in truth, boxing fans won more than anyone that night after such a ferocious ding dong.

Matthew Macklin tweeted this today on fond memories of the epic fight between the pair:

My fight with my friend @JamieMoore777 – 10 years ago today. Some battle! I lost but I’m proud of the guts & determination I showed #NoQuit

— matthew macklin (@mattmacklin) September 29, 2016

The mutual respect shown straight after the fight on the night has continued on now ten years later with the two still good friends, embodying the special sportsmanship that boxing produces time and time again in it’s unique community, that often goes under the radar.

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