Tyson Fury Issued 10 Day Deadline By The WBO In An Open Letter

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury issued with a ten day deadline from the World Boxing Organisation following recent pullout ofrom Klitschko rematch due to medically been unfit to box.

The WBO have penned an open letter on their website towards Tyson Fury’s trainer (Peter Fury) and promoter (Mick Hennessy) dated yesterday September 26th, giving Fury ten days from that date to produce certain documentation or risk been stripped of his WBO heavyweight title that he currently holds.

The letter begins with words of concern for Fury’s health:

tyson fury issued

The document then make reference to a previous statement from team Fury and lays out the number of days they have to respond.

tyson fury issued

As the letter goes on, the WBO then go into their specific rules around what happens in an instance like Tyson’s where a champion is unable to box due to medical reasons, physical or mental, what kind of time frame is allowed by them to hold onto a belt and it also goes on to touch on the possible need for an ‘interim’ bout:

tyson fury issued

The letter concludes with the request for an interim certification and also addresses requests made for Tyson’s doctor:

tyson fury issued

Essentially, this means that Fury now has until October 6th to comply with the above requests or potentially risk losing his title with the organisation.

In recent days since the news broke that Fury has been severely unwell and suffering from serious depression a flood of support and kind words has come for him and his trainer Peter Fury from the majority of the boxing community.

Tyson has yet to appear on camera since the news broke and it is unlikely he will for a while yet until his recovery is complete.

Speculation has now turned to a replacement opponent for Klitschko before the end of the year, with strong rumours that a fight against IBF champion Anthony Joshua is close to being made for November – according to promoter Eddie Hearn.

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