Adrien Broner Slammer Woes Appear To Be Finally Over

The Adrien Broner slammer and legal woes look to be well and truly behind him at long last, after it was ruled this week that he will not stand trial for alleged assault and aggravated robbery charges after the alleged victim failed to turn up to court.

This will come as welcome news for the four-division world boxing champion who despite his exemplary boxing talents has found himself mixed up in the wrong circles in recent years, through difficult legal troubles and issues outside the ring.

It is important to realise though that Broner is still just 27 years old and although he may have made some mistakes or done things not to the appeasement of others in recent years, everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance.

After all, we all make mistakes at different times in our lives.

Broner’s boxing skills when he’s in shape and ready to go have proven their worth in the past, although I do feel jumping up a tad prematurely in weight a few years back slightly hurt him.

When he was at lightweight running through the likes of Gavin Rees and Antonio DeMarco, in my humble opinion 135lbs really seemed to suit him.

Now that everything seems to be out of the way in terms of outside the ring problems, now is the perfect time for Broner to get back to what made him an excellent world champion in the first place, train hard and show everyone who appreciates genuine boxing skill why he is still an entertaining top level fighter.

He hasn’t been very active over the last couple of years because of issues he’s had but to be fair, he is coming off the back of two stoppage wins as things stand, which he can now use to kick on and really make a go for the best years ahead of his prime.

The folks at Boxcaster Network have brought out an interesting video on the current Broner situation below, comparing his ability to make a comeback from troubled times with other fighters who were perceived as ‘boxing bad boys’ during their careers:

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