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Max Kellerman Shows Balls With Straight Talk On De La Hoya


Broadcaster Max Kellerman shows integrity by putting the truth and honest statements to Canelo after he defeats Liam Smith about his promoter who was standing right next to him.

HBO’s Max Kellerman went up a notch in my opinion last night when he refused to let promoter Oscar De La Hoya off the hook in his questioning after the fight to Canelo, who defeated Liam Smith via a 9th round body shot knockout.

Many times it seems broadcasters in both US and UK boxing are afraid to ask the tough questions when it comes to promoters not making fights. Sometimes pundits and high profile analysts let the promoters off softly.

Boxing Ireland on Twitter made an interesting point when it comes to the two top current UK promoters:

He’s got a bit of a point, I couldn’t see anyone being that direct and straight to the point with them as Kellerman was last night with De La Hoya.

Here’s what he said:

It’s a fight and indeed topic in boxing that has been played out in recent times due to the ongoing frustration from fans at not seeing it made, and indeed the conflicting reasons from either camp on why it hasn’t been made yet.

Fair play Kellerman.

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