Watch: Brutal Canelo Knockout of Liam Smith (Perfect Body Punch)

The Canelo knockout of Liam Smith last night has to be up there for a KO of the year contender, alongside another one of his knockouts earlier this year as it happens when he stopped another Brit Amir Khan in bone chilling fashion in Las Vegas.

But the Canelo knockout of Liam Smith had something a bit more painful to it, being a body shot.

Khan was knocked out cold last May via a baseball bat-style right hand that took him out completely, but last night’s body punch on Smith was a culmination of nine entertaining rounds, where Canelo had to take some shots himself on route to the win.

The dust has settled on last night now but after watching the fight back again today, it really is remarkable how tough Smith proved to be for as long as he did, with the sheer cleanness of the right uppercuts and body punches he was taking on a consistent basis from Canelo throughout the bout.

This was on top of getting cut relatively early on into the fight and despite this, Smith continued to press the action for the majority of the fight.

No matter how tough a fighter is however the type of blows Canelo was landing with the frequency he was landing them, was always going to wear Smith down.

It finally did perhaps most notably from around the half way point and as round seven, eight and nine unfolded, you could almost sense the valiant Smith was beginning to slow down.

The below left hook to the body could not have been placed any better, right on the side of the rib cage of Smith and as the third knockdown of the night, he was never going to be getting up from it.

Reminiscent almost of the famous Ricky Hatton body punches last night, with this being one of the most perfect assaults to the ribs seen in quite some time in a professional boxing ring:

CANELO wins by KO with devastating body punch !!! P4P King of Boxing !!!

— Bloodstain Lane (@TheHolyHEEL) September 18, 2016

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