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Liam Smith vs Canelo Alvarez Winner – Boxing Results

The Liam Smith vs Canelo Alvarez winner of the bout was the man from Mexico in the end. But what a fight it turned out to be.

Going into the fight many had predicted a Canelo win and in front of a partisan crowd of passionate Mexicans in Dallas, he delivered.

The Mexican star got off to a blistering start in round one, landing many body and head shots and establishing a ram rod jab on the Englishman. Canelo’s punches brought a smile from Smith in the first round.

The second round was another strong one for Canelo who was using good ring generalship and landing some nice body shots, although Smith did have some success at times with his own jab and backed Canelo up onto the ropes at one point.

The third round really came alive when both men landed some eye catching shots on one another, standing in the middle of the ring letting go of big shots. An excellent round that fans could vocally hear enjoying at the AT&T Stadium.

Round four was another positive one for Canelo, who had developed a mark underneath the eye of Smith.

The fifth was been controlled by Canelo right up until the end, when Smith caught him with arguably his best shot of the night before the bell. The right uppercut was proving to be a useful weapon for Canelo in the round too.

The cut under Smith’s right eye was really pumping blood in the sixth and Canelo dug in some hurtful looking body punches during the round.

The 7th round brought about the first knockdown of the fight when Canelo put Smith down (for the first time in his career) with a right hand over the top.

Smith showed outstanding courage however to come firing back right at the end of the round. It was apparent by this stage of the fight that Canelo’s body shots were catching up with Smith.

Smith pushed the pace again in the 8th round but after a sickening uppercut was shipped, Canelo then followed it up with a vicious body shot that dropped the incredibly tough Smith again, who got up and survived the round.

Canelo closed the show with an absolutely devastating body shot in the 9th round, finally stopping the almost super humanly tough and brave Smith.

A truly bone shuddering punch.

Smith fought to best of his abilities,no shame in losing atall GGGvCANELO?@eddielamm @BradleySkeete @Spencer_Fearon

— Chef Marshall (@ChefMarshall13) September 18, 2016

With the knockout win, Canelo Alvarez improved his fight record to 48-1-1 (34KO) as the world awaits a big fight with Gennady Golovkin and the young Mexican next year.

The official attendance on the night was a whopping 51,240 at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, quashing any doubts that might have existed surrounding Canelo’s star power in the sport.

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