Gabriel Rosado vs Willie Monroe Winner – Boxing Results

In the co-main event of the evening involving Gabriel Rosado vs Willie Monroe ended up been a once sided affair, despite many believing it would be a 50-50 before hand. 

Gabriel Rosado vs Willie Monroe represented an evenly matched fight between two solid middleweight contenders coming into it.

It was the classical fighter vs puncher and as the old analogy goes in the sport, a good boxer always beats a good fighter. This was proved to be true once again tonight in Dallas, Texas.

When the event was initially made a few months back, it was previously thought that WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders from England would be facing Rosado instead of Monroe Jr but alas, it wasn’t to be.

In the first round of the contest Monroe started off well behind his boxing skills, with the fight getting off to a relatively slow pace early on.

The second round was another low activity round suiting Monroe’s style, as Rosado realised he needed to begin putting more pressure on.

The third round continued at Monroe’s tempo, who was picking some pot shots well from his southpaw wide stance, not throwing much but was economical with his output, landing some decent right jabs and solid straight lefts when he chose to.

The activity level picked up in the fourth round with an entertaining exchange towards the end of the three minutes in particular, with Rosado having his first success in the fight with a decent left hand.

It was another Monroe round nonetheless for me though, with the New Yorker assured in his work.

The fifth round continued with a relatively decent pace. Monroe did enough again in my opinion to win the round, the boxer who was clearly winning the battle of the jabs by this point.

Monroe’s quick jab was neutralising Rosado’s attacks and attempts to close the distance to try to land damage in the sixth. He was clearly winning the fight from distance.

gabriel rosado vs willie monroe

Rosado’s trainer read him the riot act before coming out for the seventh, prompting Rosado to up his game and try to take the fight to Monroe. A better round for Rosado resulted, but he was still struggling to work out Monroe.

Rosado’s resurgence continued in round 8, cutting lose at times and going to the body well of Monroe at times, although Monroe landed a beautiful uppercut on the man from Philadelphia.

Rosado landed a good combination towards the end of the round, prompting Monore to fire back – with the bout really coming alive by now.

A cut formed at the back of Rosado’s head appeared from an accidental foul in round 9. Monroe went down right at the very end of the round but it was ruled a slip by the referee.

Despite Rosado’s aggression he landed very little in the round, with Monroe getting the better of round 9 in my opinion.

A spirited Gabe Rosado tried to make a fight out of it in round 10, throwing more than Monroe and perhaps just on effort alone, edged the round.

An accidental but brutal clash of heads occurred in the 11th round, adding a massive welt above the left eye of Rosado.

Willie Monroe closed out the fight in solid fashion behind his pinpoint jab, which proved to be his most successful weapon on the night in what in truth was a fairly easy victory.

At the end of the night the final scorecards read out all in favour by unanimous decision for Willie Monroe Jr as: 116-112, 118-110 and 117-111.

Monroe improved his record to 21-2 (6KO) and captured the WBO inter-continental title at middleweight.

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