Carl Froch Says If It Was Him Instead Of Brook He Would Have Beat GGG

Carl Froch as he likes to do weighs in with his opinion on what he would have done to ‘GGG’ instead of Kell Brook.

Brook was always going to be up against it moving up from welterweight (where he is IBF champion) to the full middleweight limit to take on such a feared puncher.

Despite been stopped in the 5th round after his trainer threw in the towel, Brook showed that Golovkin is more than there to be hit at times (like many before him have), who displayed little head movement on route to his marauding walk down of the smaller Brook.

Ultimately, it was a case of power and strength in this fight, with Brook just not able to keep off such a relentless fighting machine but it would be interesting to see how Golovkin would get on if he himself ever opted to move up a weight class, or two.

Golovkin wasn’t in the mood to display his boxing skills against Brook in the end. He wanted a street fight:

WHAT A FIGHT!!! ????????

— Strictly Boxing Fans (@BoxingBritain1) September 10, 2016

One man who campaigned at the weight class above Golovkin (super-middleweight) during his fighting career, Carl Froch, was in attendance at the fight and was not impressed with what he saw from the ferocious ‘GGG’.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius if IFL TV after the Golovkin-Brook fight Froch said:

“I’m going to upset the boxing world now and say that if that was me in there tonight with Golovkin, I would have beat him. I’ll telling ya now, I’m not even joking, super-middleweight, the amount of people that’s told me that tonight/ I would have had height, reach, size, weight, strength.”

He added:

“I said it ages ago didn’t I? Too big, too strong.”

Both Froch and Golovkin were heavily linked together in the past for a potential showdown, but for one reason or another it never materialised.

More than likely due to the fact that Carl Froch was happy in retirement when the fight was presented to him and still is by all accounts.

What a fight stylistically at 168lbs that would have been though – real carnage in the ring.