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Watch: Golovkin and Brook Go Head To Head

Golovkin and Brook went head to head for one of the last times at the final press conference ahead of their fight on Saturday.

Anticipation is reaching a palpable boiling point now ahead of one of the biggest fights of the year in boxing this weekend.

Tension today between both men could finally be seen when they squared off, as they now come down to the business end of the week and get ready to make weight.

You could see the faces were a little more drawn as a result, but both look to have done the weight very comfortably overall it must be said.

A feeling of respect between the two has been prevalent throughout the build-up since the fight was first announced, with very few ever choosing to trash talk Golovkin anyway, as lets be honest, why would anyone want to?

Brook knows the challenge that lays in front of him is an immense one and his preparation by all accounts has been the best of his career, now he’ll need to chalk in the best performance of his career to stand any chance.

Golovkin always looks to be well prepared and his trainer Abel Sanchez launched perhaps the only fighting words so far at today’s final press conference, when he made reference to Brook’s scientific approach in his training camp:

“It’s going to take more than a 10 week scientific experiment to beat Gennady Golovkin.”

Here’s what happened when the two squared off today:

(Credit: IFL TV):

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