Updated (Current) Pro Boxing World Champions List

There have been some updates in the lower weight classes lately with titles been vacated and so forth. Below you will find a link to the updated pro boxing world champions list – across all weight divisions in boxing.

As the big time boxing season draws upon us once again after a brief hiatus following the Olympics in the month of August, the landscape across the pro ranks in world boxing couldn’t be any healthier.

From strawweight right through up to heavyweight, boxing is once again in a fantastic place competition-wise, all be it as fans we would like to see more of the champions face each other in unification fights.

Following some brief changes in August after some belts were vacated in the lower weight classes, here is the updated boxing world champions list on Boxing News and Views.

boxing world champions
Credit: IBO

This month we have also added in the IBO’s (International Boxing Organisation) current world champions list in the weight categories they have belts in at the moment, to give you even more balance and insight across the global professional boxing picture at present.

World title fights coming up next month feature the likes of champions Gennady Golovkin, Marco Huck, Liam Smith, Anthony Crolla, Mcjoe Arroyo and Lee Haskins, to name but a few, so expect this list to potentially experience more change in the coming weeks outside of any belts that might become vacant etc.

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