Olympic Boxing Robbery Disgraceful in 2016 Rio Heavyweight Final

An Olympic boxing robbery of disgusting proportions.

Judging decisions in amateur and professional boxing have always been subjective down through the years and evoked plenty of controversy at that, but in 2016 with all the technology available to us now, events such as yesterday’s 2016 Olympic heavyweight final really should be a thing of the past.

Boxing at times seems to be stuck in an endless time quagmire in this regard however.

The 2016 Olympic heavyweight gold medallist winner will read in the history books as Russian’s Evgeny Tishchenko but in his heart of hearts, he’ll surely know he didn’t win the fight.

Kazakhstan’s Vasily Levit had him on the back foot for the vast majority of the bout, out working his Russian counterpart – even hurting him in the third round opening up a cut that needed medical attention.

Levit was the clear aggressor throughout the contest and landed the cleaner punches.

After the result was announced the crowd erupted into a chorus of boos, voicing their outrage at what they had witnessed.

This said it all really, as did Tishchenko’s timid and withdrawn celebration after he was awarded the decision. He must of known.

Many will remember disgraceful Olympic judging decisions such as Roy Jones Jr’s in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, where the American was famously given the silver medal in the final after he clearly won the fight in the eyes of the vast majority.

Yesterday’s judging calamity is without doubt in the same bracket as that, but perhaps even worse, as we’re now in 2016 – not 1988.

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