Heart-Wrenching Katie Taylor Interview Is Tough To Watch

The below Katie Taylor interview from RTE could have perhaps been done a little later after such a hard to take disappointment for an athlete, not literally just as she got out of the ring.

Katie Taylor is undeniably one of the pound for pound very best female boxers of her generation, having won everything there is to win in the amateur game.

Yesterday’s early elimination for her was a stark reminder of how even top athletes can lose unexpectedly and that no one is invincible.

Having said that, I still think she did enough to win the fight but alas, the quarter final of the 2016 Rio Olympics was the furthest Katie was destined to go this time around.

Anyone familiar with the Katie Taylor story or her career in general will know that she is one of the most dedicated, disciplined and inspiring athletes that you could ask for – to the point of being a national hero in her native country of Ireland.

That’s why it was difficult to watch the rawness of just how big a disappointment it was for her yesterday, literally straight after her fight.

It conveys just how much the Olympics means to these top level athletes and the agonising pain that defeat brings:

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