What Is It Like To Be A Boxer? 60 Seconds of a Fighter’s Life

Ever wonder what is it like to be a boxer? Us mere mortals who have never had a proper bout in the ring under boxing rules will never know, but we’ve done the next best thing, we’ve gotten the diary account from an ex-fighter himself.

***By Bo Bland: I saw my first boxing match when I was like 8 or 10 and I was hooked. I fought in the amateurs. I participated in the Chicago GG and CRBA tournament as well as other local shows during the year. In boxing the training isn’t like anything else, it’s year round conditioning and training if you’re serious and to this day, I still train like that. In fact I’ve even trained my daughter who has taken up the sport for conditioning.***

60 seconds in a fighter’s life are everything.

So much happens in such a short time during those seconds. You’re thinking of what to do next. Your mind wonders, you visualise victory and hear the words of those in your corner.

Your body is in full combat mode, pumping adrenaline like gas into an empty car. Nothing is stopping you.

Then there comes those next 60 seconds when everything has changed. You hear the crowd but can’t make out if it’s cheers for you or the opponent.

What Is It Like To Be A Boxer

You see your corner moving and acting frantic, but you’re focused on the doctor asking you questions, or the referee saying:

“If you take more like that I’m stopping it.”

Your body is so sore and hurt you feel nothing. You begin to doubt yourself and the realisation of defeat becomes a reality.

Then comes that fatal 60 seconds where you don’t know what is going on. You’re slumped down in your stool. You can’t hear or see anything.

It was only from pure instinct that you survived the round. You tell yourself your mind carried your body.

Then all of a sudden you get tunnel vision. You look across the ring and you see your opponent, the obstacle, in the way of victory.

Looking at the floor his corner is frantic. The doctors and referee are frantic. Then your hearts beats like never before.

You go to that place in your soul that tells you this could be the last 60 seconds of your life.

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