Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 3 (Live Updates)

Don’t miss any of the action today with the Rio Olympics boxing results day 3 live scores and updates here at Boxing News and Views.

Day 2 brought about another action packed morning and afternoon session in Brazil, from the light-flyweight division right through to the light-heavyweight division.

As far as pro boxers competing in this year’s games goes, a controversial move before the tournament, of the three pros who qualified two have now progressed in their first fights while one (Hassan N’Dam) has exited the tournament.

In case you missed results from yesterday’s happenings you’ll find them all in full here. Now onto day 3 – starting at 15:00 GMT for the first fight.


  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Joahnys Argilagos of Cuba vs Galal Yafai of Great Britain

Winner: Joahnys Argilagos  2-1 

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Peter Warui of Kenya vs Bin LV of China

Winner: Peter Warui 2-1

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Rogan Laden of the Philippines vs Yurberjen Martinez of Colombia

Winner: Yurberjen Martinez 3-0

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Paddy Barnes of Ireland vs Samuel Carmona of Spain

Winner: Samuel Carmona 2-1


  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Simeon Chamov of Bulgaria vs Onur Sipal of Turkey

Winner: Simeon Chamov 3-0

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Gabriel Maestre of Venezuela vs Arajik Marutjan of Germany

Winner: Gabriel Maestre 2-1


  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Zolton Harcsa of Hungary vs Arslanbek Achilov of Turkmenistan

Winner: Zolton Harcsa 2-1

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Christian Mbilli of France vs Dmytro Mytrofanov Ukraine

Winner: Christian Mbilli 3-0


  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Evgeny Tishchenko of Russia vs Juan Noguiera of Brazil

Winner: Evgeny Tishchenko 3-0

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Russo Clemente of Italy vs Hassen Chaktami of Tunisia

Winner: Russo Clemente 3-0

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Rustam Tulagnov of Uzbekistan vs Julio Castillo of Ecuador

Winner: Rustam Tulagnov 3-0

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Paul Omba of France vs Abdulkadir Abdullayev of Azerbaijan

Winner: Abdulkadir Abdullayev by TKO / Injury

(Note: A 3 hour break will commence here with the return action coming back at 21:00 GMT)


  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Hasanboy Dusmatov of Uzbekistan vs Joselito Velasquez of Mexico

Winner: Hasanboy Dusmatov 3-0

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan vs Mathias Hamunyela of Namibia

Winner: Birzhan Zhakypov 3-0

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Gan-Erdene Gankhuyag of Mongolia vs Carlos Quipo Pilataxi of Ecuador

Winner: Carlos Quipo Pilataxi 3-0

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Vasilii Egorov of Russia vs Nico Hernandez of USA

Winner: Nico Hernandez 3-0


  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Juan Romero of Mexico vs  Vincenzo Mangiacapre of Italy

Winner: Vincenzo Mangiacapre 2-1

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Josh Kelly of Great Britain vs Walid Mohamed of Egypt

Winner: Josh Kelly 3-0


  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Endry Saavedra of Venezuela vs Marlo Delgado of Ecuador

Winner: Marlo Delgado 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Zhanibek Alimkhanuly of Kazakhstan vs Antony Fowler of Great Britain

Winner: Zhanibek Alimkhanuly 3-0


  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Vassiliy Levit of Kazakhstan vs Fengkai Yu of China

Winner: Vassiliy Levit TKO

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Chouaib Bouloudinats of Algeria vs Kennedy St Pierre of Mauritius

Winner: Kennedy St Pierre 2-1

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Yamil Peralta of Argentina vs David Graf of Germany

Winner: Yamil Peralta 2-1

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Erislandy Savon of Cuba vs Lawrence Okolie of Great Britain

Winner:  Erislandy Savon 3-0

(And that’s it for another day folks! We hope you enjoyed day 3. We’ll be back on here at 15:00 GMT tomorrow to pick up day 4, just scroll to the top of our website tomorrow for day 4’s live blog).

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